Your First Time at Snowshoe: The Complete Guide

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Over the hills, on two-lane roads, to Snowshoe Mountain, you go. Here’s everything you need to know for your first time visiting Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

Friends in the Village

It may seem like you’re traveling to the middle of nowhere and well, that’s because you are. No grocery stores, shopping centers, or movie theatres. And best of all, no light pollution. Just you, the stars, the views, and the great outdoors. And while it may take some extra planning, we promise it’ll be worth it once you experience our inverted mountain, 3 unique ski areas, a European-style Village, and endless adventure.

Upside-Down Mountain

When you finally see the entrance sign for Snowshoe, you may find it curious that the road leads you up the mountain. While most ski resorts lodging, dining, shopping, nightlife, etc. are at the base of the mountain, everything at Snowshoe is on top. It’s known as an inverted mountain, but we call it our “Island in the Sky.”

This aspect allows for a unique experience as you get to stay amongst the endless mountain views. And on some days it’ll feel like you’re living in the clouds. Staying on top of the mountain can also mean colder weather than you’d expect. Make sure to pack extra layers and warm clothes for when the mountain breezes blow through. The best part of our upside-down mountain: it’s way easier to make it for First Tracks in the morning…winning!

3 Is Better Than 1

It may seem too good to be true…but we promise, it’s true! Your all-access lift ticket and/or unlimited season pass gets you access to three different ski areas on the mountain.

Just steps away from the Village, the Basin slopes offer everything from beginner to expert terrain with access to six lifts, two terrain parks, and plenty of dining options in between. View the Snowshoe Neighborhoods complete guide to find out what area is best for your Snowshoe Mountain gateway to adventure.

Silver Creek Ski Area, known for its legendary night skiing, is a short shuttle ride down the mountain. It’s the perfect place for beginners and those who don’t like crowded slopes or waiting in lift lines. At Silver Creek, you have access to four lifts, 3 terrain parks, and the mountain’s best glades (when they’re open) – ski with a buddy and at your own risk.

And if you’re ready to kick it up a notch, the infamous Western Territory is just a short walk from the Village. Only advanced skiers and riders should tackle the steeps of the black diamond and double black diamond that weave 1.5 miles down the mountain. If you have the courage and skillset to make it down, we recommend rewarding yourself with a piping bowl of chili from Arbuckle’s cabin before hopping on the Western Express lift for a relaxing ride back to the top.

Endless Adventure

After you hit the slopes, take a stroll through our European-style mountain top Village. Not lacking in charm, energy, or cobblestones – you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a small town in a far-away country. There’s plenty to eat, drink, buy, and do in the Village. We suggest grabbing a mouth-watering pizza from Cheat Mountain Pizza, a delicious house-made margarita from Sunset Cantina, a souvenir from Signatures and Sweets of Snowshoe, and taking your picture with Sasquatch…if you can find him.

What’s there to do for your first time at Snowshoe?

And don’t think that just because you’re at a ski resort, the fun stops when the lifts quit spinning. How to Ensure Your First Time On-Snow Isn’t Your Last. If adventure is what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of ways to venture beyond the slopes and experience the mountain like never before. Take a snowmobile tour, have dinner at the Backcountry Hut, or release your inner child at the Coca-Cola Tubing Park. Here on the mountain, adventures are as endless as you want them to be. Just be sure to book your tours and/or activities way in advance, before they sell out! Not a skier or snowboarder? View our A Weekend at Snowshoe: A Non-Skiers Perspective post to find out more adventures on the mountain.

Most importantly, make sure you catch a legendary Snowshoe sunset. The colors vary from intense orange to cotton candy swirl. And if you catch a good one, you may have to pick your jaw up off of the ground when it’s over. The best place to view these sunsets is on the Village steps (between Hops and Vine and 4848′) or at the top of the Western Territory.

Forever Wild

While there are many things to keep you entertained on the mountain, it’s the serene remoteness and expansive wilderness that makes this place truly special and unique. It’s more than a place, it’s a feeling. And after your first time visiting Snowshoe, we hope you’ll always remember that “Snowshoe feeling” and it’ll hold a special place in your heart as it does for us.

Forever Wild

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