7 Reasons Why Snowshoe is the Best West Virginia Destination Wedding Venue

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At Snowshoe Mountain, we strive to create an experience as unique and special as each of the couples that choose to say “I do” here. Love is an adventure, and this mountain is ready to be part of yours every step of the way. Here are 7 reasons why Snowshoe Mountain is your perfect West Virginia destination wedding venue.

1. 365 Days of Mountain Romance

In the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, Mother Nature offers up a choice of colors – the bright buds and wild bouquets of Summer, the deep reds and gold of Fall, the glittering whites of Winter. Each with their own picturesque seasonal mountain views. The mountain is beautiful in its own way during every season.

2. Endless Resort Amenities

You and your guests will have a full run of everything the resort has to offer. From lodging to dining and everything in between. Not to mention activities for everyone. Check out our guide to a weekend at Snowshoe: a non-skiers perspective.

Spa? Check. Adventure tours? Check. Skiing, biking, swimming, and hiking? Check, check, check, and check. No matter what the season, your guests will be entertained from the minute they set foot on the mountain.

3. 360 Degrees of Photo Opportunities

At Snowshoe, you’re on top of the world. Making it the perfect backdrop to document the beginning of your happily-ever-after. From the ski lift to sunset mountain views. Everywhere you look is a unique photo op waiting to happen.

Your Grand Entrance to the Mountains

4. Unique Places to Say “I Do”

The place where you say those magic words should be just as special as the vows you and your partner make to each other. Whether you would like a traditional chapel wedding or to get married amongst the mountain views. We have a variety of ceremony venue options that cover it all.

5. Unique Places to Celebrate

Not to be outdone by our places to say “I do”, our reception venue options cover a variety of tastes and personalities as well. From a classic tent on the lawn to a lakeside shebang. Buffets to plated meals. A cash bard to the finest champagne. Whatever your style, we are here to help make it the party of the year!

6. Snowhoe Will Always Be Here to Come Back to

By saying “I do” at Snowshoe, you are forever imprinting this special place into your hearts and minds. And it will always be here for you to come back to.

West Virginia Weddings

7. Access to Our Wedding Extraordinaire

The best part of planning a wedding at Snowshoe? You’ve got Katie. She will assist you with all your destination planning. From guiding you to the right venue and menu options to securing lodging. She makes the magic happen so that you can sit back and enjoy every aspect of your dream wedding. Contact Katie today to start planning your big day! Fill out this form or contact her directly at kleitsch@snowshoemountain.com.

BONUS: Our Elopement Package

Recently Married Couple on Snowboards

And if you’re looking for a more intimate celebration for your day of days, we’ve got you covered. Our elopement package includes lodging, venue rental, a couple’s massage, and dinner for two. And if you want a few other special people to celebrate with you, lodging and dining options can be added for them as well. No matter your style, Snowshoe is the best West Virginia wedding venue.

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