To: Santa, From: Snowshoe

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Dear Santa,

It’s about that time again. I know you’re busy, and I haven’t written you in a while, so I decided to send you a list this year instead of having you guess. This year I want:

GoPro Hero 12 Black

This new GoPro is sweet. It comes with the extra strength battery for the cold days and has their newest HyperSmooth so all the videos come out like butter.

Darn Tough Socks

Santa, you and I both know how cold it can get in the winter time. That’s why this year I want some socks from Darn Tough. They make their socks with Merino Wool so my feet will stay dry when I start to sweat. I’d be happy with some skiing specific ones or just their normal, everyday socks.

10 Prime Dinner

Okay, Santa. This one isn’t for me. My parents work hard and they deserve something special, too. I want one of my presents to go to them. Can you get them a dinner at 10 Prime Steakhouse? Please include a nice bottle of wine, or a few beers from Athletic Brewing, and a couple of those Prime Filets with the Bearnaise sauce.

Dakine Signature Series Gloves and Bags

I love snowboarding. I love snowboarding all day. But the thing is, Santa, I can’t snowboard all day without the right gear. My hands get cold and I need a place to store my snacks, (hopefully) my new GoPro, and all the accessories. I really like the Louif Paradis gloves and bag but I’d be happy with any of them.

Snowshoe Swag

Santa you know Snowshoe is my favorite mountain. The terrain parks and endless side hits in winter, plus world class downhill mountain biking in the summer, all make it the best. Will you bring me a hoodie and a UCI t-shirt? And maybe an ornament for mom? Pretty please.

Smith Goggles and Helmets

I only have one brain and one set of eyes, Mr. Claus. The Smith Method Mips Helmet will keep my noggin safe when I fall and the Squad XL goggles will keep the glare of the sun from burning my eyes (plus, they look sick).

The North Face Rain Jacket

Snowboarding isn’t my only sport. During the summer I ride bikes, go camping, and take the occasional hike. But, with the way it can rain here on the mountain, I need a quality jacket. The Antora Rain Hoodie from North Face is light and breathable and sure to help make my summer excursions a blast, no matter the weather.

All My Friends

You know what really makes Snowshoe great, Santa? When you share it with friends. My last wish this Christmas is for you to get everyone to come up to ski and snowboard with me. With deals available for lodging, passes, and rentals there’s no reason they shouldn’t want to come to the Mountain.

I hope you have a safe sleigh ride. Tell Rudolph I said, “Hi.”


Snowshoe Mountain