A Bit of Magic and a Bit of Muscle Means the Best Skiing in the Mid-Atlantic

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The best snow in the mid-Atlantic.  Guaranteed.

When Magic Meets Muscle 

It’s no secret that your safest bet for finding the best snow and ski conditions in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast region is to visit Snowshoe Mountain. What’s the recipe for success you ask? The answer is a little Cheat Mountain Magic, and a whole lot of Snowshoe Muscle.  

Snowshoe's best snow makers preparing for winter.

Cheat Mountain Magic

Why does Snowshoe get so much snow?

Perched high along the spine of the Allegheny Mountains, Snowshoe is situated in a geographical sweet spot for winter weather. Close enough to the Great Lakes to capitalize on the consistent upslope, lake-effect snow, but also in close enough proximity to the Atlantic to cash in on big nor’easter storms, Snowshoe averages more than 150” of snow annually. Add in the fact that the resort sits on the second highest peak in West Virginia at 4,848’, and a lot of that snow tends to stick around for a while, providing the perfect setting for a winter vacation.  

The top of Snowshoe Mountain Village.

Snowshoe Mountain Muscle

The Best Snow Makers in the East

It’s not just favorable treatment from Mother Nature that gives Snowshoe the best ski conditions around. It also requires innovative technology and a lot of hard work. In recent years the resort has invested millions of dollars into improving its snowmaking system, and the results have been worth every penny. By staying on the cutting edge of snowmaking technology, Snowshoe is making more snow than ever before, and using significantly less energy to do it.  

Groomer cat carving out some fresh tracks.

No matter how high-tech the snowmaking becomes, it still takes good old-fashioned boots on the ground to make it all go. You’d be hard-pressed to find a crew with more experience under their belts. We crunched some numbers, and between our crew of about 20 men and women we have more than 240 years of collective snowmaking experience. Pretty wild right?  

The best snow guns making the best snow in the mid-Atlantic.

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