Legendary Sunsets at Snowshoe Mountain

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Sunset at Snowshoe

There’s no better way to end an adventure-filled day on the mountain than by catching a legendary Snowshoe sunset. Considering the sun sets at least once a day, pretty much everywhere, you’d think it would be a fairly mundane event. Not on this mountain. In fact, Snowshoe was recently named “Best Place to Watch a Sunset in the Whole Entire World.” Ok, so that’s not an actual award that they give out, but only because they already know who would win. (Snowshoe).

“Best Place to Watch a Sunset in the Whole Entire World?”

People enjoying a drink and a legendary snowshoe sunsets

Our resident photo/video extraordinaire, Kurt Schachner, has been running around the mountain with a camera in his hands for nearly a decade now, and he’s managed to capture quite a few of the aforementioned sunsets. Let’s enjoy a look back at some of the best ones…

Sunset at Snowshoe

One thing we’ve noticed over the years – Rainy, stormy days up here tend to yield some of the most colorful sunsets of all. Maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of saying “Hey, sorry about that weather hold earlier. Hope this gorgeous sunset helps make up for it.”

Sunset at Snowshoe

Sometimes you even get to see a storm rolling through the valley, and a spectacular sunset, all at once.

The Best Place to Watch Sunsets in West Virginia

The good news is, there are a whole lot of spots with a wide, Western view on the top of this mountain. Some of our favorites include:

  • The top of the old Hawthorne slope at South Mountain (by the helicoper pad).
  • The World Cup start shack at the top of the Western Territory.
  • Essentially anywhere along Westridge Road.
  • Powderidge Drive near the Pedestal House.

Sure, there are a ton of other good spots but we can’t give them all away…

Snowshoe Sunsets

Now if you really want to take your sunset photo game to the next level, try introducing a little action to the shot. Maybe a World Cup champion biker sending it to the moon…

Snowshoe Sunsets

Don’t have a World Cup mountain biker handy? No worries. Some wildlife or a little fall foliage will also help take things up a notch. Or in this case, both!

Snowshoe Sunsets
Photo by Chris McClennan

You know what else really adds to a good sunset? Snow. Lots of it too. And a snowcat for good measure. (Snowcats aren’t technically wildlife, but still quite majestic in their own right).

Snowshoe Sunsets

We love Snowshoe sunsets, and we love snow-covered Spruce trees, but we especially love snow-covered Spruce trees at sunset.

So by now, you’re probably eager to see one of these dusk delights with your own eyes. Head on up to the mountain to see the magic for yourself – And don’t forget your camera!

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