48 Things to Do at Snowshoe This Summer

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Snowshoe Mountain may be known for its winter wonderland vibes, but our island in the sky truly comes alive in the summertime. The cool mountain breezes, the dense and blooming forests, and best of all the endless adventure. Yup, the months from May to October are the best-kept secret at 4,848’…but we’ll let you in on some of the things we love to do at Snowshoe Mountain during the summer. But be warned: you may be jonesin’ for a summertime trip to the mountain once you finish this list.

  • The Snowshoe Fire Tower
  • Fairy Diddle Disc Golf Course
  • Kayaking on Shavers Lake
  • Mountain Bike

1. Hike to the Snowshoe Firetower, via the 6,000 Steps trail, and get a panoramic view of the region. Insider tip: this is the perfect selfie spot.

2. Kayak across Shaver’s Lake longways.

3. Birdie a hole at the Fairy Diddle disc golf course.

4. Watch an unforgettably breathtaking sunset at the top of Western Territory, Top of the World, or from the Village stairs.

5. Get a Snowshoe souvenir from Signatures and Sweets in the Village.

6. Indulge in a steak Taco Salad from Sunset Cantina. Every bite of juicy steak, seasoned vegetables, and lime vinaigrette is pure heaven.

7. Test your downhill skills in the Snowshoe Bike Park. Start out on our beginner trails, Easy Street and Whistle Pig, to get your barrings. Then move up to our more advanced trails like Dirt Beaver or Skyline.

8. Stock up on your favorite local adult beverages at Hops, Vines, and Spirits in the Village.

9. Grab a hearty breakfast at The Junction Ale House before you set out on a day full of adventure. We recommend the classic Mountaineer Breakfast, Pancakes, or Avocado Toast.

10. Get your zen on with a yoga class.

  • Yoga on the mountain
  • Spectators at UCI
  • Fireworks
  • Pump Track

11. Hit the Pump Track. The Red Squirrel Pump Track is located by Shaver’s Lake and the Linwood Alive Pump Track is at the base of the mountain by the Visitors Center. Bonus points if you hit both!

12. Cool off with a frosty beer at The Boathouse while you take in views of Shaver’s Lake.

13. Watch the 4th of July fireworks from Skidder Slope.

14. Find the 4,848′ marker at Bear Scat. Fun fact: Snowshoe Mountain is the second-highest point in West Virginia.

15. Heckle the participants at a mountain bike race. As they say…more cowbell.

16. Hike through the Fingers and climb the stairway to nowhere.

17. Ride down 6,000 steps. This 1.5-mile old logging railroad grade provides for a steady descent from the Cheat Ridge Mountain trail to the bottom of Soaring Eagle Lift and spits you out at Shaver’s Lake.

18. Stargaze at Top of the World. Tip-top of the mountain? Check. No light pollution? Check. Jaw-dropping stars? Guaranteed.

19. Belt out Country Roads. Anywhere and everywhere is acceptable.

20. Search for Sasquatch. Living among the Spruce trees he’s chosen to call Snowshoe Mountain his home. He says “nothing beats the fresh mountain air, cooling Shaver’s lake water, and gnarly Snowshoe Bike Park trails.” Just be warned if you do find him, he’ll never stop talking to you.

  • Couples in Hot tub at sunset
  • Driving range at the Raven golf club
  • Family building a sand castle
  • Moss in the Fingers

21. Relax in a hot tub overlooking the beautiful mountains. We suggest Rimfire, Seneca, Split Rock Pools, or Soaring Eagle Lodge for the peek mountain peep-age.

22. Lay in a shaded hammock by Shaver’s Lake. Take in the fresh mountain air, the cool breezes, and just relax.

23. Ride a wooden feature in the Snowshoe Bike Park. Get some practice in the skills park, located right off Easy Street, then work your way up to some of the more difficult features on trails A-Z.

24. Hit a bucket of balls at The Raven driving range.

25. Visit the Airport No, it’s not a real airport but it’s the most luscious runway we’ve ever seen. Accessible via Airport Road or Black Run Road to Upper Beaver Dam. The climb to the top is worth the incredible views of the valley. Plan your route on our backcountry map

26. Build a sandcastle at the Shaver’s Lake beach. Bet you never thought you’d build a sandcastle at a lake…our lake is just cool like that.

27. Listen to the sounds of the Cass Railroad train. You’ll also be able to spot black smoke plumes through the trees if you’re looking at the far end of Shaver’s Lake. If you want to get in on the action, it’s easy peasy, just book a tour and head down to Cass, WV which is about 20 minutes away from the mountain.

28. Find a quiet, mossy spot in the Enchanted Forest for a personal yoga practice or meditation.

29. Hone your bike skills with our new skills clinics. Focus on drops, jumps, berms, cornering, or all of the above with the help of our talented Bike School staff.

30. Hike the Lake Trail to get a look into the amazingly dense forests that make up Snowshoe’s 11,000-acre playground.

  • Shaver's Lake Trail
  • Massage at the Spa
  • Deer
  • Cupcake Gap

31. Hit the Cupcake Gap on Snowshoe’s infamous Western Territory. Warning: Advanced mountain bikers only.

32. Splish, splash around in Shaver’s Lake. Bonus: No sharks.

33. Check out some live music. We think it just sounds better at 4,848′. There’s a great lineup this summer with Independence Day Weekend Celebrations, Pickin’ & Pedalin’, and 4848 Festival, just to name a few.

34. Try the Exotic Mushroom Extreme Pizza at Cheat Mountain Pizza. It’s a new menu item this summer that has instantly become a fan favorite.

35. Relax on Shaver’s Lake beach.

36. Check out a sunrise from the top of the Ballhooter lift.

37. Listen for the fighter jets that periodically fly over Snowshoe. You’ll hear them before you see them. The fighter jets come from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in NC and they run training missions through the Appalachian Mountains of South Eastern, WV which is the perfect landscape for practice.

38. Get a house-made margarita from Sunset Cantina. Any hour can be happy hour, right?

39. Keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife. We have a plethora of friendly critters on the mountain including notoriously friendly deer, an endangered species of salamanders, the infamous dirt beavers (aka groundhogs), and if you’re lucky you may spot a Snowshoe hare.

40. Explore the rarely seen parts of Snowshoe’s backcountry on an offroad adventure tour.

  • Biker coming to the finish line at UCI
  • Adventure Dining
  • Sporting Clays
  • RZR Tour

41. Take a drive on the Highland Scenic Highway. Pack a lunch and hit the road. The scenic highway is one of the most popular drives in Pocahontas County because of its elevated views of the surrounding mountains and countryside, numerous overlooks, perfect picnic spots, and easily accessible roadside hiking trails. The Highland Scenic Highway is 14 miles from the base of Snowshoe Mountain and can be accessed via Rt. 66 and US-219 S.

42. Experience the thrill, pride, and culture that comes from witnessing the UCI Mountain Bike World Series in the United States…better yet, West Virginia.

43. Take on our 25-shot Sporting Clays course for a thrill-filled afternoon.

44. Explore the headwaters of Shaver’s Fork.  Pocahontas County, WV is known as the Birthplace of Rivers and we’re lucky to have the Shaver’s Fork headwaters located a little past the Southern tip of Shaver’s Lake at Thorny Flat. The Shavers Fork flows 88.5 miles to Parsons, WV where it forms the Cheat River at its confluence with Black Fork.

45. Take a picture with the Forever Wild sign at the base of the mountain.

46. Book an Adventure Dining tour for an unforgettable dinner. You’ll venture into the woods on a RZR to our backcountry hut where a chef-prepared meal will be waiting for you to enjoy.

And most importantly….

47. Make memories

48. Have fun

Now that you’re craving that Snowshoe summer feeling, check out our Deals and Packages to make your mountain getaway sweeter with some savings. We’ll see ya at the Shoe. 

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